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Okiok is releasing version 4.8.4 of S-Filer/Portal™.

Installer Fixes

Several issues related to the installer “update” functionality have been fixed in this release.

  • The Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is now always updated correctly to the latest version in both the server and gateway installers.
  • When updating the JRE, the cacerts file is kept from the previously installed JRE. This file is often customized to include SSL certificates necessary to make HTTPS communication work between all components.
  • The “JCE Unlimited Strength Cryptography Jurisdiction” files are now properly copied into the updated JRE.
  • In an update, the etc folder is preserved and new default files are copied to folder. In some cases, it may be necessary to perform a “diff” command to identify the differences between new files and current files, however, in the majority of cases, no operations will be necessary after an update. This greatly simplifies the update procedure.

Features and bug fixes

This release also includes minor features and bug fixes:

  • All audit events are now sent to the debug logs in addition to the database with a special category of AUDIT. This enables sending audits to external systems using syslog with a specific Log4J configuration.
  • When a file in a user’s inbox had many different versions, the version listing screen was broken and these versions could not be downloaded. This only applied to files in user inboxes, not in communities.
  • Fixed a bug where some FTPS clients would display file names improperly when there were spaces in the “Full Name” of the user who sent the file. This is due to the fact that the LIST function in FTPS uses spaces to delimit fields. This has been fixed in order to replace all spaces with underscores in those fields before they are sent in the LIST response. Note that clients which used the MLSD command instead of LIST had no issues.
  • Since version 4.8.3, the link to generate the S-Filer Sanctum configuration did not include a CSRF token and therefore returned an error when clicked. The same thing happened to the call to retrieve the list of communities when selecting a filter for the file report. Both have been fixed and work correctly.
  • The Kerberos configuration changes introduced in 4.8.3 broke the domain configuration when multiple different domains were used. This has now been fixed and the requirement of configuring default values in krb5.ini is not required anymore unless specific values must be configured for compatibility reasons (necessary for SSO with Windows 2003 domain controllers).

Known Issues

These minor issues will be fixed in upcoming releases:

  • The new CSRF token security measure involved a lot of changes to javascript code in the application. Unfortunately, javascript files are heavily cached by web browsers and the old javascript files often result in CSRF token validation errors. Forcing a refresh of the cached files (using CTRL-F5) should resolve this error, but must be performed by the clients accessing the site.


This section describes an update from 4.8.3

  • This update does not involve any database schema changes
  • This update does not change the UI themes
  • This update does not change the email templates

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